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Waste water management of Livestock Operations is becoming more of a priority for owners and mangers of these Livestock Operations than ever before. With stricter environmental regulations from local, state and federal agencies before the Livestock Industry now is the time to gain control of manure storage and odor.

High Country Enterprises has developed a business that helps Livestock Producers combat the ever changing regulations that are imposed on the Livestock Industry today. We specialize in Livestock Consulting as well.

High Country Enterprises has 25 years experience in the Livestock Business and has teamed with the almost 50 years experience of ROEBIC Laboratories, Inc to offer a wide selection of Microbial Products to solve your wastewater treatment problems such as Manure Liquification, Sludge Reduction, Manure Crusting, Harmful Gas and Odor Elimination. We know the diversity of operations within each sector of the Livestock Industry whether it be Beef (Cattle), Dairy, or Pork (Hog, Swine). This allows us to treat each customer individually and solve specific problems for that operation.

High Country Enterprises has been in the owners' seat of such operations and understands that budgets are an integral part of the livestock industry and keeping expenses low keeps operations in business. ROEBIC Laboratories, Inc. understands this as well and has developed a full line of microbial products that are unmatched in both efficacy and economics. Their Roetech Product line is the new cutting edge of microbial remediation. This Product line combines powerful manure liquification with odor elimination to clean up lagoons, pits, sediment basins, ponds, leech fields, slurries and virtually any type of animal waste collection facility. This Roetech Product line also eliminates harmful gases such as Ammonia Sulfate and Hydrogen Sulfate that affect the respiratory systems of animals and employees, thus reducing sickness and medicine costs. Making a safe and more comfortable environment for your employees and neighbors is a Roetech Product line advantage as well.

Let High Country Enterprises and ROEBIC Laboratories, Inc. help your operation with its Wastewater Management.

Doug White
High Country Enterprises

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